Super Bowl Tips From Brian and Tab

By January 29, 2020 Lifestyle & Fun

By Brian & Tabitha Caplinger


“I’ve been training all football season to eat at a ‘Super Bowl Party’ level.”

We aren’t sure who said that. Really, we found it on a meme. But for about half of us, the food might be the most important thing about Super Bowl Sunday… or the commercials. But for the other half, it’s most certainly about the football. Our mission today is to bring the two halves together for a fun game day. Here are 10 important plays from our playbook:

  1. For Super Bowl Sunday nobody cares how big your house is, just how big your tv is. Maximum viewing capacity is a must. We don’t mind being a little cramped as long as it’s in HD. 
  2. When smoking chicken wings, imagine you are feeding the defensive line of the San Francisco 49ers. In other words, more food is always better. (PS: KC Masterpiece is not the right sauce for this party.)
  3. That one guy (or three, or girl) that gets super into the game, you know the one, let them be them. This is a big deal for them. Let them have it. (PS: if their team loses they will not be okay so love them like Jesus would want you to.)
  4. That one person who doesn’t understand football and asks a lot of questions, and you find it annoying. Be kind. They are trying to understand a thing you love in between the commercials they love. Help them. 
  5. Nachos. Nothing specific. Just have some. 
  6. For the love of all that is holy, don’t turn off the Halftime show. It won’t alter the course of your life, we promise. It might be fun. If you really don’t like it just leave the room to make more nachos and let everyone else enjoy some J. Lo and Shakira. (PS: if you know the words to “Hips Don’t Lie” or “Jenny From the Block” we won’t judge you, we will sing with you.)
  7. We have it from a reliable source that Mr. Peanut may not survive his Super Bowl ad. Prepare yourselves emotionally. 
  8. Speaking of peanuts, they make a great snack option. Have some on hand. (PS: If you have peanuts, be sure to have plenty of drink options because peanuts make people thirsty.)
  9. If you are a guest at a Super Bowl party, it’s polite to bring something. You can be the person who brings a veggie tray but be prepared to bring it back home. It’s not you, but people will get full on the nachos and the wings. It’s hard to leave room for celery.
  10. Dress appropriately, by which we mean team apparel and stretchy pants…you know because of all the wings and nachos and the getting up and down with the cheering and the yelling. 


Bonus play for the die-hard fans:

Kansas City is favored by a point and a half over San Francisco. The over/under is 52.5 points. For the Chiefs, we know Mahomes and the offense plays, the bigger question is can the defense stop the 49ers run attack? As for the 49ers, the key will be putting intense pressure on Mahomes and being willing to take the deep shot on offense. Some standout players to keep an eye on are Chris Jones (DT for KC) and Joe Staley (LT for 49ers).

No matter who you are rooting for this is poised to be one of the most exciting games in recent history, pitting one of the best offenses against one of the best defenses in the NFL. And we’re sure there will be at least a few commercials that live up to the hype too. So find some friends, grab some food, pick a seat and have fun.

*In case you were wondering, here are our predictions for the big game. 

Brian: Kansas City – 35     San Francisco –  31     MVP – Patrick Mahomes

Tabitha: Shakira will win the halftime show by two songs and a dance number, and at least one commercial will make us all cry.