You, yes you, were meant for more. Read that again. Okay, now read it one more time. Let it sink in. I don’t know where you find yourself in life, whether you are happy or hurting. I am sure that on some level you both have a sense of that statement being true and, at the same time, you doubt it. After all, it’s an easy thing to say of on screen heroes like Jyn in Star Wars: Rogue One, but far different to say of ourselves in our normal, mundane, run-of-the-mill lives. But you, you, whoever you are reading this, you were meant for more. God has more in store for you, more vision and more purpose and more opportunity. He created you for more.

In Psalm 139:14 we read that we, “…are fearfully and wonderfully made.” Ephesians 2:10 also tells us, “…we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.” God is a very strategic and intentional Creator. He didn’t just throw you together. You aren’t a mistake or accident. No, you were created on purpose for a purpose. Everything about you was built with your purpose in mind. The way you look, the way you talk, the things you like to do, your talents…all of it speaks to the purpose for which God made you. Yet, with all that intention we sometimes get lost on the path to our purpose. Why? How?

Often we allow the pain and loss of our past to create a personal prison that we choose to live in. It stifles our perspective and we can’t see what we’re really meant to do in this life. It tells us that this is it, where we are and what we have is all there will ever be. It tells us that we can’t overcome, we can’t breakthrough, we can’t be better than this, that it won’t get better than this. It distracts us with living in the rat race. We get up, get coffee, go to work, come home, binge-watch and feel unfulfilled. Our lives become a reaction to what happens to us rather than a response to God’s love for us

They don’t have to be that way. It can be better. There is more. Escaping that prison of dissatisfaction and pain starts with belief, with faith.

In Rogue One a line is repeated, “rebellions are built on hope.” Maybe it’s time for rebellion in your life, not against God, but against the mundane. Perhaps it’s time to rebel against a spiritual enemy who has tried to steal your purpose and choose to seek all that God has for you.

It starts by seeking Him. Discovering our purpose begins with God, with an encounter with your Creator. You can’t know your purpose without first knowing God. Get to know Him. Get close to Him. Get in His presence. Talk to Him. Study His Words. Listen to Him speak. (If you want to get really practical about getting to know God better, here’s help.)

Second, understand that the knowing doesn’t come apart from sacrifice. To know God will mean giving up your old self. It will mean giving up some time. To walk in the purpose He has for you will mean sacrificing control, relenting your will. Galatians 2:20 reminds us that we, “…have been crucified with Christ and it is no longer I who live but He who lives in me.”

Stepping out of the prisons of our past and our pain and even our pride won’t be easy. It is not a small thing to step out of discouragement and into one’s destiny, but we don’t take the steps alone. God is right there. When it’s difficult, painful or scary, He is there with us. On top of that He takes everything used to build that prison, everything that stifled our purpose and uses it to propel us toward that something greater, into something deeper.

Star Wars: Rogue One is a hero’s journey. While I doubt your journey will involve finding the plans to take down the “Death Star,” it will be a hero’s journey all the same. It will have its difficulties to overcome. It will require sacrifice. Along the way you will find your purpose is actually less about you and ultimately for others. It will be invigorating and sometimes risky. It will be fulfilling in more ways than one and you will make a difference.

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“It will be fulfilling in more ways than one and you will make a difference.”

Tabitha Caplinger and her husband lead the Student Ministry at Faith Community Church in House Springs, MO. She is also a published authorblogger and proud mom of two “Wonder Women in training.”