This page is for church staff & ministry leaders only.

Calendar, Communication, and Media Requests

To schedule an event or ministry activity at Faith Community, please complete the following form to request building space and communication support if needed.

**For design & media requests not related to an event, please see the next section.

Submission Deadlines: 

Building space does fill up quickly in certain seasons so make sure you get your request in as soon as possible!

2-3 Months in Advance: For events requiring more detailed communication/promotion, graphic design/print material content creation, a cost to pay for the event, or attendee registration.

8 Weeks in Advance: For events requiring simple communication/promotion and minimal promotional support or graphic/media content creation.

For questions regarding building use or the calendar, please contact the Office Team at or 636.671.4190.

For questions about promotion or media, please email the Communication Director at

Complete the Calendar & Communication Request Form Here

Design & Media Requests

Complete the form linked below for things like generic ministry flyers, brochures, social media graphics, apparel designs, and ministry video requests. This form should be used for graphic or media requests that are NOT related to an event request.

Submission Deadlines:

3 Months in Advance: Video projects depending on scope (smaller social media requests may require less time)

2-3 Months in Advance: For projects requiring professional printing such as merchandise, a banner, a card, or a brochure.

8 Weeks in Advance: For projects using in-house printing or that have minimal scope (ex. a small batch of social media graphics, a single social media reel video, a single graphic, etc.)

If you have a question, please email the Communication Director at
Complete the Design & Media Request Form Here